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This service is provided to assist the partner Institute of Higher Learnings (IHLs) in bridging potential employers and its students and / or alumni. The Campus Portal Service caters to permanent jobs for graduating class and alumni, and also temporary and part-time positions for current students.

The IHLs in the partnerships now include SUSS, PSB Academy, SIM, MDIS, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic and the Institute of Technical Education (all campuses)

The Career Portal also carries a higher learning section to provide further study related information.

Job Postings Services:
There our services in job postings.
  Basic Premium Remarks
Job Posting Fees FREE for most employers Please refer to prevailing rates Basic accounts have a cap of 10 posted job advertisements at any time
Company Registration / Verification 3-5 working days 1 working day Companies need to be registered and verified only once per account
Data Entry Support No Yes  
Duration per job posting 30 Days* 30 Days* *Basic job postings expire when it reaches a cap of 10 job postings live at any one time, or if it receives more than 10 job applications.
Character Limit 600 Characters No Limit  
Priority Listings No Yes  
Logo Listings No Yes  
Job refreshes No Yes  
Weekly Job Alert Email No Yes Active during the job posting period
Application Filtering Engine No Yes  
Job Posting Templates No Yes  
Application redirection to external URL No Yes For integrating with your corporate recruitment engines
Job Category Selection 1 4  

JobsCentral screening checks:
In order for the Campus Portals to meet the needs and interests of job-searching alumni / students, while maintaining the objective of the Portal to bridge potential employers and jobseekers, JobsCentral will practise the following screening checks to ensure integrity of the website and optimal exposure for posting employers:
  1. If the position provides a 100%-commission based compensation structure, the posting company should reflect the details on the posting.
  2. JobsCentral reserves the rights to remove / deactivate any job postings that it deems inappropriate for the Campus Portal(s) or that the job posting does not provide factual details of the position, be it a paying or a free posting. JobsCentral needs not inform the affected company of its decisions nor offer explanations for its decisions.
  3. If the job posting is by an indirect recruiter (i.e. recruitment agency postings or other similar services), the posting party has to at least inform the potential applicants of the industry background of its clients and to state that the posting is for a bona-fide vacancy. If the agency is found to be posting bogus jobs for the purpose of resume collection, the agency will be blacklisted and barred from future postings.
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