Closing Date: 1st August 2018

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Automotive Service Mechanic

Salary: 1300.00

Main Duties and Responsibilities
• Examine cars based on customer requests &/or concerns
• Perform basic maintenance including rotating tires, checking fluid levels, & changing oil
• Repair or replace worn parts & systems such as spark plugs, wheel bearings, brake pads, fuel systems, & sensors
• Test systems & individual parts to ensure proper working order &/or to evaluate degree of damage
• Follow checklists to ensure thorough examination of all parts & systems
• Identify mechanical & electrical problems with both computerized diagnostic equipment & the naked eye
• Determine appropriate repair measures based on research, peer-to-peer examination, & past experience
• Present estimates to customers including: strategy for repair to customers including explanation of problems, procedure steps
• Perform repairs thoroughly & accurately, taking into account original repair strategy & customer specifications
• Ensure customer satisfactions at all times

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