Closing Date: 10th August 2018
Technician (Automotive)

Salary: 1600.00

Job Scope

  • Automotive Industrial: Handling Heavy Army Armoured Tanks
  • Load: Heavy spare parts and components
  • Movement: Fast operating pace
  • Perform repair, maintenance, overhaul, service, replace, remove and installation task (Technical & Mechanical)
  • Perform lubricant replacing, greasing and flushing for system (Hydraulic)
  • Perform wiring replacing, tracking and diagnostic (Electrical)
  • Machinery usage involved overhead crane,buffering machine,hydraulic press, drilling machine etc. special technical equipment
  • Working at height (climbing up and down of vehicles)
  • Maintain 5S/housekeeping (Includes sweeping, cleaning and throwing rubbish, washing of parts and vehicles)

Salary Range:

Salary depends on experience and qualifications

Working location:
Station in one of the Army camps around Singapore

Work Days
Monday - Friday

Working Hours

0730 - 1715

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