Closing Date: 11th June 2018

Micron Semiconductor Asia
Fab10N Process Control System Engineer 1

Salary: 0.00

Req. ID: 106843 

As a Process Control System Run to run (R2R) Engineer at Micron Fab 10, you will be responsible to develop smart manufacturing solutions towards the Industry 4.0 standard.  You will gain exposure and knowledge in many cutting edge areas including Machine Learning, advanced control solutions and deep learning. As a PCS R2R Engineer, you will have the opportunity to develop a complete solution that starts from requirements gathering, data analysis and modeling with big data platform, followed by system development and integration; and then fab wide implementation. The work you do directly affects the bottom line of the organization by enabling smart process control of manufacturing processes.


  • Develop, implement and improve smart control solutions for optimum manufacturing performances.
  • Develop, implement and improve data visualization solutions for monitoring the system performance.
  • Develop, implement and improve full stack analytic platform that integrate Hadoop eco-system to real time process control applications to enable machine learning based process control.
  • Conduct intensive data analysis and modeling to identify sources of variation in the process and translate it into control solutions.
  • Provide technical oversight, guidance and support for process control implementation.
  • Develop and deliver training on control systems and related topics.


  • Phd, Masters/Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/ Engineering/ Statistics/ Mathematics/Physics
  • Passion for programing and data analysis
  • Preferred experience in Python/R/SQL/Hadoop eco-system
  • Preferred experience in the development of web based applications

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