Closing Date: 9th February 2018
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Project Finance Manager

Salary: 0.00

Educational Level:
University graduated or above

Work Experience:
10 years of experience in the field of international Project Finance for banks or Oil and Gas related company


  • Bachelor degree or higher in the Accounting, Finance or Economics or equivalent
  • ACCA/CIMA/CFA/CPA qualification (and other equivalent professional qualifications)

  • Excellent knowledge and skills of overall finance works.
  • Excellent knowledge and skills of Project Finance works.
  • Strong knowledge of principles and procedures about project finance
  • Excellent report writing skill and communication skill in English
  • Excellent computer skills, including Excel, Word and Power Point….
  • Strong problem - solving skills

  • Project Finance Manager is to ensure project finance activities under the various Project Finance Documents.
  • Project Finance Manager shall work closely with Senior Loan Lenders including Inter-creditor Agent, Facility Agents, ECAs and the lender’s consultant order to settle various issues between company and lenders, and report to the management as needed.
  • Project Finance Manager shall develop the internal work flow and check list to achieve the Financial Completion.

Specific responsibilities of Project Finance Manager included, but not limited to the followings:
  • Review and/or revise policies, standards/ procedures of drawdown and cash call in the line with the finance documents.
  • Communicate and negotiate with the lenders including lender's consultants to support daily financing activities
  • Control overall schedule for Project Finance activities
  • Monitor and control the payment and budget of overall finance cost
  • Liaise with finance and accounting team closely regarding taxes, accounting, budget control, cash management and banking transactions.
  • Develop and propose strategies to the management to deal with various issues aiming to mutual understand and/or agreement between the company and Lenders.
  • Work closely with, Legal Advisor, Finance Consultants, Allens…. especially for legal perspective to obtain the necessary information and seek for solution for PJ finance works.
  • Review requirements for the financial completion (FC) under the project finance documents, and develop the work flow and check list to achieve the FC as scheduled.
  • Finalize outstanding of Converting Bank Agreement and other related conditions together
  • Ensure reporting requirements for ICA in line with finance documents
  • Prepare and submit drawdown requests and supporting documents to ICA
  • Develop SAP systems as key user for Project Finance related part