Onion Restaurant & Bar Pte Ltd / 1855 F&B Pte Ltd

About Onion Restaurant & Bar Pte Ltd
Onion Restaurant & Bar Pte Ltd was established in October 2011 with our first restaurant opening in March 2012. It was passion that led our founder to venture into the F & B trade and, with a team of experienced staff, our first humble restaurant was born.
So Why Onion?
The onion is a ubiquitous, essential ingredient, instrumental in adding layers and flavors.  The diversity and versatility of the onion is the inspiration for our business. Besides, with onions being one of the most significant and substantial trading commodities of our main holding company, Seasonal Produce, the name “Onion Restaurant & Bar” seems especially appropriate and close to heart.
Currently, we have 3 brands under our wing, namely Seasonal Salad Bar, Shallots and Bistro1855.