Closing Date: 5th February 2018

Kengi Koh Advisory

Management Associate Professional

Salary: 0.00


At KKA, we are made up of a young and energetic team of advisors who strongly believe in working with the utmost PASSION, HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY to help our clients and friends get the best advise for themselves and their loved ones in the area of financial planning. We aim to grow cohesively as a team together in every aspect of our lives as well as to make a positive impact to lives of our clients and friends.

With KKA, you can have the choice to take up either a SALES PROFESSIONAL route or take up a different perspective as a MANAGEMENT LEADER route to lead your own team and grow with them. Either of which can be achieved through our position as a MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATE PROFESSIONAL.

  • Prospecting and arranging meet ups through various channels like surveys, calling, roadshows, referrals, friends and family.
  • Understanding and uncovering shortfalls or needs of clients by engaging with them and looking through their insurance portfolios.
  • Customising solutions and plans to suit individual's shortfall and needs.
  • Policy servicing to ensure that your client's portfolio are up to date with their life stages.
  • Assist clients in claims and policy servicing when required.



  • Recruiting advisors to join you so that you can start forming your own team and progress as a MANAGEMENT LEADER.
  • Coach, motivate and provide training to the advisors under your care and growing with your advisors together as a team.
  • Grooming and monitoring the progress of your advisors to ensure that they achieve the success that they aim to achieve.
  • Assist in appeal cases and representing your advisors interests.
  • Handling your own portfolio of clientele that you have built over the years.



  • Starting basic salary of up to $5,000 plus commission.
  • Never be shortchanged for your handwork and effort.
  • Unlimited potential income and career growth.
  • Opportunity to attend learning trips and international conferences.
  • Huge incentives from the company, monetary rewards, overseas trips and recognitions.
  • Unlimited courses and learning opportunities provided by the company.
  • Have control over your time. Work-Life balance.
  • No rat race. Plan your own path progression at your own pace.
  • Understand your clients on a personal level, forming new relationships with each client met.
  • Providing your clients and friends with the financial backing when they need it the most. Delivering a promise.



  • Singapore Citizens only
  • At least 21 years old (Regulatory Requirement).
  • Minimum GCE “A" levels, Local Diploma or Degree Holders.