Closing Date: 3rd August 2018

Apex Power Pte Ltd

Electricity Consultants (OEM)

Salary: 0.00

Our Electricity Consultants help consumers by sharing the benefits and advantages of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) initiative. They will thereafter be assisting the consumers on the simple online sign-up process.

At this moment, this initiative is for residents in the Jurong district only. However come H2-2018, this shall be available for all households island wide. In preparation for this massive exercise, we are looking to hire about 200 people for a start.

Successful candidates are likely to possess the following characteristics :

 A people person

 A team player

 Willingness to work hard

 Shows initiatives

 Good leadership qualities

The shortlisted candidates will receive adequate training before being certified as an Electricity Consultant. We offer both full time and part time positions to all the Consultants.

Email resume to: